The road from concept to finished piece is rarely clear-cut. MadlyFX employs the best tools, techniques, and talent to ensure an outstanding final product.

We can create custom props with turnarounds as short as one day!

We offer:

Custom Props

Scale Modeling

Special effects makeup

Concept art

Animatronics & Mechanization

Custom props/costumes/armor

Custom prop weapons


Design (sets/costumes/weapons/props)

Blood Effects


Debris and damaged or weathered items

Rapid prototyping

General life advice


Services include:

Laser Cutting/engraving up to 300mmx500mm

3D Printing (FDM up to 16x16x18 and SLA up to 5.4×5.4×6)

Electronics design and wiring

Signmaking and Vinyl Cutting

CNC routing

Pyrotechnic & Physical Effects

Painting and finishing

Molding and casting






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