Rubber Stunt Props

Romp With Rubber

MadlyFX knows sometimes stunts scenes get can get a little rough. Whether you’re trying to save a prop or an actor, sometimes a stunt replacement is the best answer. That’s why we offer rubber three kinds of rubber and stunt-safe props to help make your next fight scene a smashing success!

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Pure Rubber:

These are classic rubber props. Made of tough yet flexible rubber, these props will likely outlast mankind. These are the best choice is the prop is to be thrown, smashed, or landed on continuously. The disadvantage is they simply do not have the detail to stand up to scrutiny, so close-ups are a no no. They are also very heavy. The handcuffs above are pure rubber.

Semi-Rigid Plastic:

Imagine a shampoo bottle, but about 1/3rd the thickness. Now imagine that filled with squishy seat cushion foam. That could be your prop. Semi-Rigid Plastic replicas are super lightweight, squishy, and because the plastic holds great detail–can be made to look almost exact like the real thing. The disadvantage is they’re not nearly as tough, so if your prop needs to stand up to a grown adult landing on it, this isn’t the best choice.

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Impact-Resistant Plastic:

If you need a super lightweight prop that can hold up in close-ups, yet still take a beating, than impact-resistant plastic might be for you. For this process, we cast a shell of ultra tough plastic and fill it with rigid yet lightweight A/B foam. The result is a prop that is as durable as solid rubber, at a mere fraction of the weight. While not squishy, it can certainly take being tossed around and the light weight makes it much more controllable in combat.